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Every time it rains or snow melts, water drips from your roof. Your steps become slippery and dangerous!


Gutters will prevent the drowning of flowerbeds and shrubbery, and reduce dirt splashing on foundation masonry.


Your home is damaged by water dripping on bricks, asphalt, window and door frames, siding, woodwork, etc.


Gutters will prevent water from gathering around your foundation, which can result in dampness and cellar damage.


Gutters protect your family from the discomfort of wet weather.


Gutters can help reduce the hazards of ice damage to shrubbery.


Gutters can help protect against pest infestation by keeping the perimeter of your home dry.

7 Good Reasons to Install Gutters on Your Home

A seamless gutter system from East Coast Gutters will protect your home from costly water-related damage. Here are seven reasons why you should install gutters guaranteed by East Coast Gutters:


Why Gutters?

Yellow house with no gutters

8 year-old house, no gutters

Dirty garage door

Needs two new garage doors


Damaged door frame

10 year-old house - no gutters

White house with black shutters

Needed new front door and steps ($4,500)

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